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What our patients have to say…

Shawn Walker
“Dr. Smyer is the first doctor that actually listened to me and my symptoms, and not just what lab results or a chart had to say about my health. He has literally changed my life for the better. Dr. Smyer and his staff are always accommodating to my husband and I and treat us like family! We drive 200 miles one way to have the best care in the Texas Panhandle and would recommend Dr Smyer and his staff to anyone interested in improving their health.”


Michael Shane Monroe
“Extremely pleased with Dr Smyer and his staff!
I’ve had two procedures with Dr Smyer, Testosterone and Stem Cell treatments.
I’ve had excellent results from both and has changed my recent health status”


Mark Langford
“Dr. Smyer is the go to doctor for BioTene pellet therapy. Life changing. I know he has over 1000 patients. We’ve been with him for 20 years. If you want quality care and a physician that actually listens and cares about you, Dr. Smyer is your go to doctor.


More than that, he saved both me and my wife’s lives. He’s always been right on target with his diagnosis. He was able to diagnose my wife’s initial stages of Multiple Sclerosis and he also diagnosed me as having blood clots in my lunges and sent me to ER. I was having a Pulminory Embolism that would have been fatal without his quick diagnoses”


Kathleen Williams-Price
“My experience with Dr Smyer and his entire staff is better than excellent. Dr Smyer is not only focused on the “chemistry” of my well-being, but is entirely interested in how I actually feel. The office manager, Linda always greets me by name and is very efficient. I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes to be called in by Dr Smyer’s assistant, Reagan . Reagan wears a great smile, is incredibly courteous, and makes certain I am at home. Kim, Dr Smyer’s nurse, is the very best. I so appreciate her level of knowledge and experience. Kim is very “smooth”, and somehow gives shots that don’t hurt !! It is a true blessing to me to have found Dr Smyer and his wonderful staff. Where have they been ALL MY LIFE??”

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